When it comes to cutlery, simplicity is key. Classic materials and shapes will prevent your table from looking too busy, and let the food be the star of the show. Don’t place too much cutlery on the table put forks to the left, and knives and spoons to the right. The dessert spoon goes at the top of the plate. For your glassware, a tumbler for water and a simple wine glass look so elegant. Then, add a linen napkin to each plate, and you’re done. Have a think about how many courses you are serving before you select your dinnerware. With your wine, if it’s, white, red, or rosé keep it simple by sticking to one pretty glass that's an all-rounder. Add some beautiful flowers to the table. Cut the stems quite short, and arrange them in low vases keeping them nice and classic. No candlesticks? Just add some tealights around the table to create a soft glowing atmosphere. Check out our accessories page for lots of items to style your next dinner party.